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Do you have a character that you want to see brought to life by a professional illustrator?
Please take a look below to see what services are on offer!

★ current status:


new slots only available for freelance commercial work

I will post status updates on when new commission slots will be available on my Twitter, Tumblr, and Patreon
although I won't be opening up public slots until next year due to my current workload, sorry!

Will Draw

  • original characters, avatars

  • fanart of films, shows, games

  • likenesses of real-life people

  • comic pages, character sheets

  • novel, album, mascot, and concept art

  • small amounts of mecha

  • animals, pokémon, monsters

  • anthropomorphic

  • light blood, gore, and nudity

Won't Draw

  • abusive or offensive content

  • porn, sorry

  • lots of mecha, gundam

  • anything I don't want to!


These things will incur an additional cost as they take more time for me to do:

  • designing from scratch

  • large props and appendages

  • large creatures

  • background elements

  • full armour, complex outfits & weapons

  • large file sizes (over 1500px 300dpi)

commission F.A.Q.

1. ordering // 2. payment // 3. completion // 4. problems

1. ordering

How do your slots work, and can I get on the waiting list?My slots are not first-come-first-serve, nor do I pick favourites.Public commission slots now have a lottery system in the interest of fairness. I will post a link to a google form where you can input your contact details, which will enter you in the lottery. I will then do a random name drawing to fill up the waiting list.I'll post status updates on when more public waiting list places are likely to become available on my Twitter and Tumblr, although I certainly won't be opening up public slots until next year due to my current workload!If you're desperate for artwork sooner, I host Art Events for patrons over on Patreon at least once a year, and post about it everywhere when I do. If an Art Event is not running, I like to give patrons the opportunity to offer up their own characters for sketchbook doodles every season or so. They serve purely as quick warm-up exercises for me and should not been seen as commissions!I've never ordered art before and have no idea what to do...No problem at all, I've drawn for countless first time commissioners, you're in good hands! Check out the ordering guide to see what information you're going to need, then read through this FAQ, and ask me all the questions you need to ♥I want something that isn't listed as an option, would it be okay to ask you about it?So long as it isn't in my "won't draw" list, feel free to enquire about it.I don't know exactly what I want... can you help me decide?Sure! We can discuss ideas and will work it out together. I encourage you to rely on my experience :DMy character has a pretty complicated design, can you still draw them?I can, but there would be an extra charge for heavily detailed characters and outfits as they take much more time to draw. The more visual references you can get me the better.Is it okay to ask you for progress sketches along the way so I can request edits?Of course, I make it standard policy to send them at specific stages! For sketch type, I will send a rough WIP (work-in-progress image) when working out the pose. For coloured works, I will send you a WIP at both the sketch and lineart stages. I can even send additional WIPs when we're trying to work out the desired colouring too.If we're already into the drawing process and you have a large number of things you want me to change that would alter your piece quite drastically, it's customary to send a tip to cover additional time spent—but make sure you confirm that I am willing do it first!I don't have a set design for my character/their outfit/their weapon, can you design it for me?Yeah I'm happy to do that, although designing things from scratch usually incurs an additional cost dependant on what exactly you'd like me to create. If you can collect reference and inspiration images of the kind of result you're looking for, and even scribble it out for me, this will help me a lot, rather than just a description.What's the limit on the number of characters I can have in any one drawing?No limit, go nuts! I'll also discount the price for a high number of subjects.What file size do I get? Can I get multiple sizes for different purposes?Sure, just ask. The final dimensions vary greatly depending on the piece itself. For half body shots and up, I'll usually try to send you a version that's 1000 px (on its longest side) at the minimum, and at 300dpi suitable for printing. I may be able to provide a larger size image if you request it. If you need your artwork to be a certain size, please let me know before I make a start.Can you add things like text to the artwork?Sure thing!I want a drawing that includes a licensed character from a film/TV show/game/novel. Is that allowed?Absolutely! So long as you send me image references of said characters, anything is possible, baby.How can I trust you...?I've drawn literally about a thousand commissions for people over a span of a decade and built up a sizeable supportive client base across various social media. Check out some of these testimonials my customers have written to give you an idea of what to expect from me. I'm on the level, I promise!I'm not sure if the price will be too high for me... is it okay if I ask for a quote anyway?Of course. If it turns out the commission you want is not in your price range I will completely understand if you want to back out before we start, please don't feel as though it's impolite to do so. Maybe I can draw for you another time :)

2. payment

What payment methods do you accept?PayPal. I can also send you an invoice for a bank transfer via PayPal even if you haven't registered an account yourself. I do not accept any other methods of payment at this time.I do NOT accept cryptocurrency. If I see that you have sent payment which has even partially been converted from crypto, I will refund and cancel the invoice and commission entirely.How do I use PayPal?Check out my handy little invoicing guide to help you through the payment process!Is it okay if I send you a tip along with payment, or afterwards?Aw absolutely! You can include it along with your invoice payment, or you can tip via Ko-fi. Though of course not necessary, even the smallest tip is appreciated. Thank you so much for supporting what I do!!Can I pay you half now and half later?For returning clients, I'm more than happy for 50% of the total cost to be paid first, and the remaining 50% after a work-in-progress (WIP) has been sent to you. Know that the artwork will be heavily watermarked until payment is complete though.
For new clients, the total cost of the commission must be paid up front. I'm happy for the invoice to be paid off in instalments comfortable to you, just know that work will not begin until full payment has been received.
Can I get a discount?If you're one of my patrons from patreon then sure, it's one of the perks ♥How do you calculate your prices?The base prices you see above were calculated by time + effort. The total cost of a commission is the base cost + any extras. It really depends on what you'd like and what your budget is.Your prices are too high.Well there's the back button!

3. completion

How long will it take to finish my commission?The turnaround can differ from a week to two months, depending on artwork complexity, the number of other active orders, and real-life obligations. I will give you a personalised completion estimate (the ETA) when you place your order and update you if things are looking any different. I will always try to keep you in the loop! Feel free to contact me if the ETA has passed to ask for a status update on your order. You are not a bother and I would be happy to speak to you.Can I get it by Thursday? I need a rush order!!Please please please order any time-sensitive commissions well in advance. However, if you really do need it quickly, I'll usually be able to offer a rush service at an additional cost suitable to the size of the piece.Can I watch you draw my commission with a livestream?No, sorry, I don't draw live anymore. I may record a timelapse video of the process, in which case I'll send you a link after it has been posted on Patreon.May I post my commission online? Is it okay to crop it or edit it?Go ahead and post the completed artwork all you want! (not the WIPs though thanks) Credit given to me is not required but definitely appreciated, especially if you have chosen to crop/resize the image down to a desired focus. Using it in graphic design or website themes is fine too. Please don't edit the artwork directly though. If you would like something changing do just ask me, it's not a bother!Can I use my new artwork for anything? Can I sell it at cons/online/in stores? Can I use it for my project?? Can I—Absolutely not. You are NOT buying a commercial license to your artwork. Please make no attempt to sell it or include it in projects that will be sold. If you are interested in buying a commercial license, you'll need to ask me about that specifically.Can I get a high resolution image of my artwork so I can print and frame it? Can I get it printed onto personal apparel?Of course, I will always give you the 300 dpi version suitable for printing at a clear resolution. Feel free to use your commissioned artwork as a design to print on personal apparel or items, so long as you make no attempt to sell them for profit (but do send photos of printed works to me, I would just love to see them!) If you know for a fact that you'll need a specific size, to fit a frame for example, be sure to let me know when you place the order. It's a little tougher to edit it afterwards!Can I have my piece shipped to me?It's possible that I may be able to print your artwork and ship it to you for an additional fee relevant to the size of the print and what country I would be shipping to. Please ask well in advance as it depends on where I'm working at the time and what printers I have access to.My piece is not quite right... can I ask for edits?I'm always happy to make small edits along the way, of course, that's what the back-and-forth WIP process is for. Even after the final version has been completed, I'm fine making little adjustments so don't be afraid to ask! If you have a large number of things you want me to change that would alter your piece quite drastically, it's customary to send a tip to cover additional time spent—but make sure you confirm that I am willing do it first!

4. problems

Where's my artwork? It's later than the ETA you gave me!I do apologise for any lateness, it happens. Feel free to contact me if the completion estimate (the ETA) has passed to ask for a status update on your order. You are not a bother and I would be happy to speak to you.Um, I changed my mind about what I want.If I have accepted your commission very recently, requesting minor changes is usually totally fine! But if you're looking to get a drastically different piece, it may not be possible if work on your original order has already begun, or else incur an additional charge for the time spent. Please get in touch ASAP if you're looking to amend your order in any way.I'm not happy with the finished result... can I get a refund?I'm sorry if that's the case, but I'm afraid I cannot offer you a refund if you have already received the finished piece as my service has already been completed; this is the nature of commissioned artwork. The WIP process is there for just this purpose, though I'm more than happy to make small changes for you though, just ask. I aim to please!

Question not answered?
Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you within the next few days ✌️
For all enquiries, or to get quotes please email me at [email protected]

Price List

Rates are listed in GBP currency but PayPal does handle all* currency conversion automatically.*however I do NOT accept converted cryptocurrency as payment


Monochrome or limited colour sketches are perfect for concept art, testing new designs, and expressing lively scenes.Feel free to pick a base colour or a couple of spot colours for the important bits.Lines will be rough!!

  • £75 - Bust shot
    (+£50 per extra character)

  • £150 - Half body
    (+£100 per extra character

  • £250 - Full body
    (+£150 per extra character)


My sketch pages are in a style similar to the above, but in the form of a collage of doodles, in an array of sizes depending on contents, and averaging 3-6 sketches, depending on what you want.Solo for a single character and duo for a couple!Small averages 3 scenes whereas medium is around 6. These are priced for half body sized scenes, but a page can average out to include smaller and larger scene sizes too.You may suggest various ideas for the page or leave it to me!

  • Solo Sketch Page
    £300 - Small
    £600 - Medium

  • Duo Sketch Page
    £500 - Small
    £800 - Medium


Full colour can really breathe life into your subject. The tones can be vibrant and saturated or pastel and soft, the choice is yours.I usually add a simple gradient background by default, but you can also opt for plain white, patterned, or even transparent!

  • £150 - Bust shot
    (+£100 per extra character)

  • £300 - Half body
    (+£200 per extra character

  • £400 - Full body
    (+£300 per extra character)

1) soft colour

2) flat colour

Reference Sheets

At last, the clear and accurate character ref sheets you've always dreamed of!Flat colour + gradient style. Fully customisable with angled turnarounds, colour palettes, expression heads, detail highlights, a fashion/weapon/item showcase, and all the explanatory text you could want~"Nude" bases are underwear'd models.
If only a single complete outfit is needed, use the clothed price!
50% discounted cost for each additional figure that uses the same nude base, for multiple outfits for example :)

  • £200 - 1 Half body "nude" base
    or £300 if clothed
    +£150 per extra half body base

  • £300 - 1 Full body "nude" base
    or £400 if clothed
    +£200 per extra half body base

    +£50 per detail highlight
    +£100 per base head shot


After a commission is completed, I give out a link to an anonymous survey form where customers can leave honest feedback.Here they all are, unedited.Thanks, you guys ♥


Summer 2024

  • I'm a repeat commissioner for a reason and it's absolutely because Muffin is amazing to work with and her artwork deserves all the support and love.

  • Working with Muffin is a delight, they are always very organized and clear with the requirements for the art. They provide a great timeline and plenty of room for adjustments if needed. They bring a warm and friendly personality to the exchange. I never feel stressed if I have to make or ask for changes. Just love the art magic they make!

  • Muffin does an incredible job at bringing ideas for commissions to life, and puts in such a fine level of detail for everything - couldn't be happier with the result, once again! ❤️

Spring 2024

  • Incredibly attentive to detail, easy to communicate with and all around one of the most pleasant commission experiences I've had, highly recommend!

  • Your artwork is sublime and it's been an absolute pleasure working with you. I'm over the moon with the final piece. Thank you so much!

  • Muffin is an amazing artist! Beautiful artwork, clear communication and an absolute pleasure to work with. ♥

  • It's always a delight to work with Muffin. I've gotten multiple commissions now, and the creative process is a lot fun; Muffin is wonderful at taking information and ideas provided, no matter how detailed or vague, and delivering on them--and also adding a nice little twist you didn't even know would be so perfect!

  • Muffin is one of the BEST artists to work with, and I've been commissioning artworks for over 20 years at this point! I have never had a disappointing experience and she always understands what I'm looking for in a piece no matter how simple or complex. Love you Muffin!

  • I put the length of time for waiting up there for a response but I totally understand life stuff and needing time away from work so don't take it too much to heart please!! SUPER thrilled with how these pieces turned out and I'm always excited to see a new art event roll around (alongside all the lovely fanart and commission pieces from others). Communication has always been great and really appreciate the updates! I never feel pressured to make a decision and I'm always excited to see a response in my inbox. Would love to participate again in the future as long as my wallet agrees with me :) Have a lovely day!!


Winter 2023

  • I love my piece so much!

  • Always amazing. Always perfect. Always wonderful communication and ideas

Summer 2023


  • I really appreciate you drawing my D&D character. The WIPs were great and you were very transparent about your artistic process. I definitely plan to use this art in the future.

  • Muffin was an absolute joy to work with! Helped me create the vision of my character exactly as I wanted them, in a very reasonable amount of time. 10/10 would commission again!

Spring 2023

  • I’ve worked with Muffin a few times now and they are always so lovely to work with. They are so sweet and their artwork is always better than I ever could have imagined!

  • It's been an absolute pleasure, Muffin truly is a wonderful artist and incredibly professional! Couldn't be happier with the results.

  • I was thoroughly impressed with the level of care that went into your commissioning process. Suggestions were made to my original character design that not only fit very well with my character concept, but really helped to breathe life into them. You have such a good eye for motion in your works, and really understood at a base level the concept for my character and made the process so fun and easy to chat with you about. Thanks again!

  • I'm a repeat customer for good reason. 11/10 would commission again

  • Thank you so much for getting this done as quickly as you did, and while recovering from burnout. You are a super star and I couldn't be happier with it.


Autumn 2022

  • An absolute pleasure to work with. Muffin is very clear in their communication from providing instructions for the order form to asking clarifications about what the commissioner wants to explaining their design process and the logic behind their decisions. I've been fortunate to work with Muffin multiple times now, and each one is a great experience resulting in beautiful artwork.

  • Muffin, seeing your art evolve over the years from your first incarnation on GaiaOnline to now has been incredible. I am so honored to have followed you and received many beautiful pieces from you over the years. You've always been super sweet and great to work with and I wish you many many more years of success and happiness with your art!

Summer 2022

  • Muffin is definitely a top tier artist whom I've wanted to work with for a while! Getting into the queue takes a while, but that makes sense given how good her art is and the high demand for it. I count myself as incredibly lucky to be one of the few people who have ever been graced by the beauty of her art. It's worth all the wait :)

  • An absolutely lovely artist to work with. Very willing to work with you, talk things out until they are exactly the way you want to, even at times offering ideas up as well as to how to possibly make it even better. Working with Muffin is a joy at every step of the process, and has been one of the best experiences I've ever had with a commission. 100/10, well worth every penny.

  • Muffin is incredibly prompt, tenacious, kind and an absolute joy to work with throughout the commissioning process. I’ve had such a great experience with commissioning them, and their methods of communication are first-class, you will not be disappointed!

  • Working with Muffin is -always- a delight. I have purchased art from them over the years and other artists, Muffin in many ways, has spoiled me with such excellent commissioner interaction. Starting with an easy-to-read and visual guide to prices and styles with examples that are updated regularly to reflect skill improvement and have a strong style consistency. Providing a visual and text guide on how to pay, what to expect, timely responses, and updates reminding. They are very informative when it comes to what I can request to change, and that the art is still at a stage where I can request small changes as well as effects that can be altered or removed.
    Muffin has set a standard of interaction with artists that I love. I never feel anxious or a burden for asking questions or wanting to change something - be it small or big. More over they address you personally and professionally.

  • I absolutely love the results of my final piece, but I love getting regular updates, the easy and peaceful atmosphere of shopping with Muffin, the experience is worth it. I trust Muffin fully as an artist to produce something I will love for years to come. Thank you!

  • Absolutely breathtakingly lovely art, and an amazing commission experience. I've gotten art from many, many artists and can say that Muffin is 100% top tier in terms of quality, organization, professionalism, and responsiveness. Seriously talented and has her sh*t together :)

Spring 2022

  • I've ordered a few pieces from you and every time I do, I'm blown out of the water by how professional and sweet you are through the process, and how incredibly the final product always is! Customer for life!

  • Muffin was great with communication and made sure my commission was exactly what I would want! It turned out beautiful thanks to Muffin's professionalism and amazing work. I am so, so pleased with the finished commission.

  • I am so happy to have a little commission from you now, I am a fan since long now and never had a chance to commission you. So I am in tears and so happy I just could slap it anyone in the face!! Hope to be able to commission again ;-; ♡

  • I ADORE my commission. The NN event was a great opportunity - I was a little sad I was unable to get one of the larger card style pieces but I do understand the event was a huge undertaking!

    You have been wonderful to work with and my portrait is easily one of my favourite pieces of my character. I fully plan to remain a patreon and will hopefully be able to snag another comission from you in the future.

  • Muffin really makes the process painless and fun. Her communication is excellent and she's very thorough with references you give her. She gives wips every step of the way and the final artwork is always gorgeous. 10/10 would order again.

  • This portrait was my first commission from Muffin and I'm so happy with how the whole process went and of course, the final result!

  • I can gush about Muffin forever. Every single experience I’ve had with them has been above and beyond. They have an extremely organized system and you always feel taken care of and informed during the process. Artwork is beautiful and I’m so in love with their linework and colors. Even with barebones they work their magic. Can’t wait for my opportunity to commission them again.

  • Muffin is ever one of the best artists I feel like I've worked with. She's very personable and clearly just wants to produce something that you the commissioner will enjoy. I don't think I've ever seen a piece from her that hasn't been beautiful in form or another and that includes each and every one I've gotten from her. She's a wonderful person and a talented artist most definitely befitting of your time and attention!

  • You’re! Amazing!! I’ve been in love with your artwork for so long and being able to commission you myself is always a dream come true. You’re incredibly talented, sweet, and professional without being cold or stuffy. 10/10!

  • Muffin was amazing to work with!! They were quick to respond to emails, and kept me up to date on how my com was coming along! I absolutely love the final piece, and would totally recommend working with them!!

  • I really loved how my commission turned out!! The communication was consistent, I read appreciated being able to see the workflow form, and the updates through Patreon about all of your projects kept me excited through the entire commission time. I also really appreciate the patience and understanding of communication in getting a few details for the artwork as I know I'm a bit scattered in my descriptions. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Winter 2021

  • What a wonderful person to work with and excellent manners and politeness! Very considerate in what you want and what you are looking for! Skill level is outstanding! 100% would commissions Muffin again, when they become available! Isn't easy being amazing!

  • I always love commissioning you! One of the most thorough and professional artists I've worked with and the result is always fantastic.

Autumn 2021

  • I've been wanting to commission Muffin for a while, and when my chance came I was not disappointed in the slightest! From open, honest communication about the process and the art to seeing the final piece, the entire experience was professional and a delight. Thank you so much for creating a piece of art I will cherish for years to come, and I hope to be able to commission you again in the future!

  • Muffin was a total joy to work with! The ordering process was very straightforward, and during the commission process they updated me frequently and made sure the final piece was perfect. I'm so happy with the outcome and would order another commission any time!

  • Muffin is an absolute sweetheart and so easy to work with! She listens to your ideas and it really shows. And of course, there's the amazing actual art. This isn't my first commission and it certainly won't be my last. I hope to have lots of Muffin art over the years.

Summer 2021

  • I feel so lucky to be able to get this huge piece commissioned, it was more than I even hoped for and Muffin really went all out to make every tiny detail perfect!! Also cared very much for my financial state at the time, just a wonderful person all around.

  • Thank you Muffin for taking my hodgepodge vampire space siren shapeshifter into a real person! She had a lot of themes and you worked with me to make her real! Thank you for using a simple to understand format for filling out forms, thank you for just making the entire process smooth and communicating with me! THANK YOU FOR BEING A SUPER HERO!

Spring 2021

  • Honestly the entire experience was absolutely wonderful. Muffin is extremely easy to talk to, whether it's talking about the commission idea or asking for any adjustments. Overall just a super wholesome and great artist to work with!

  • Muffin always finds a way to add that extra breath of life into the characters they capture. One of my absolute favourite creators, I adore the pieces they've done for me. I recommend them wholly ^_^

  • Muffin has a very strong attention to detail kinda attitude about them, so it makes any artwork received pretty much a dream. Very good communicator would rate altogether as A++++ (if this was ebay but this works just as well)

  • Muffin is incredible to work with. Communicates clearly at every stage so it really feels like a collaboration, puts such thought and care into every step of the artwork process (especially the rough sketches, YUM), and the entire process from payment to final delivery is so professional and crystal clear it's just a pleasure to experience as a client. And the quality of the beautiful artwork speaks for itself of course!

  • You have been one of my favorite artists for a long time now! Your work ethic is inspiring, to be honest. I love how upbeat you seem and how much you care about your clients and their requests. I've been a fan for a long time and will continue to be one. :)

  • Muffin is always kind and courteous! Coupled with a unique and beautiful art style, it is always an absolute joy to request a commission from them. They make the process of requesting and paying for a commission simple and easy to understand. Not to mention, Muffin is very responsive and I've never had trouble reaching out and getting a response. Plus, I've never been disappointed with a final product either.

  • Working with Muffin is always such a treat! She always goes above and beyond with her art and makes the commission process a truly enjoyable experience. I am beyond thrilled with my finished piece and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity for another one!


(this was primarily a no-commissions year!)

  • One of my favorite artists to work with and whom I can always trust to do a superb job drawing my characters. Every character is always distinct and vibrant, in both personality and color, and communicating with Muffin to work out ideas for the final product is always a delight!

  • An absolute doll to work with and the final artwork was excellent. A heavy recommendation has been doled out to all my friends.


Autumn 2019

  • I look forward to nabbing a slot from you the same way some look forward to the holidays. Thanks so much for all the amazing work over the years! ♥

  • Honestly the whole process was really easy to do. I was excited to work with you and you got all the details right. You are such a talented artist and it's been a real pleasure working with you

  • All the <3s, Muffin is so great to work with!

  • Muffin is amazing to work with. They're the right balance of friendly and professional, and I really do not have anything else I can say beyond that. It's everything one would expect when requesting a piece from an artist!

Summer 2019

  • Muffin is a wonderful artist who has quickly improved over the time I've known her. Every time I can get art from her I jump at it in an instant and never regret the money I give. If I could give her money all the time for art I totally would. Absolutely amazing artist if you can get a chance at art.

Spring 2019

  • I love Muffin and working with her is always a blast! A great artist to commission, never disappointed!

  • Your art has such a beautiful ability to bring me to tears every time. Sometimes even when it's not even art I bought!

  • Muffin is an absolute joy to work with! They're friendly, always keep you in the loop, and they make the entire process easy to understand. I would definitely order from them again!

  • As always Muffin never fails to deliver amazing results when capturing characters and making them feel special and unique. She is on top of communication and always professional with the most friendly demeanor. It's easy to get nervous or afraid when speaking to someone about work because you do not want to offend - Muffin makes me feel comfortable and at ease whenever I work with her. It feels less like I'm placing an order and more like I am part of the process. Thank you, Muffin!

  • It's always such a pleasure working with you. 10/10 artist, 10/10 art, very professional, friendly, and enjoyable to work with. 100% would and will attempt to commission again.

  • I always knew you were one of those sought-after artists whose work is going to be hard to get so I'm really happy to get the chance to commission you by being a patron. My friends have been raving about your art and always go crazy whenever you open up commissions! As a first time commissioner I can see why - the quality of works is phenomenal and I just want to request a dozen more already. No wonder you're in such high demand! Here's hoping I could be lucky enough to get to throw more money at you soon!

  • Muffin is one of the most friendly artists I've commissioned from, and also professional in that you get a good idea what to expect for the whole process. I love her work, her cheerful attitude, and her work ethic.

  • I found you through my girlfriend, and we've both been extremely impressed with the commissions that we've received thus far. Contact is frequent and delivery is quick!

  • Muffin is a complete and total sweetheart! Absolutely phenomenal communication and a great eye for the small details. I highly recommend commissioning Muffin if you're looking to get a detailed and beautiful piece of art. You won't be disappointed!

  • I"VE REVIEWED YOU BEFORE SO NO NEED TO POST BUT <3////<3 I love this piece so much, it is exactly how I pictured the characters interacting! You draw Zefi both sooo good with AND without mutations, and Julian looks excellent!!! THANK U MUFFIN

  • This is my second commission - Don't hesitate to trust Muffin with your character. Hop on a waiting list the moment you see it come up, seriously. She's professional, organized, the communication is great, and you will be thrilled with the work.


Winter 2018

  • Muffin is the best Muffin to ever Muffin!

  • Such a lovely delectable person to deal with. Would order more lovely muffiny delightful art in the future.

  • Thank you so much! Your process is smooth, professional and you were sought after because of your reputation and amazing style – and that's exactly what we got! I can't recommend working with Muffin enough; they really go the extra mile and it shows.

  • I watched, and waited for a very long time to be able to get art from British Muffin. And believe me, it was very much worth the wait. When I saw that I got an email saying that I had to send information, I screamed, because I was just so excited. I have deeply loved the turnout on what was done. Especially seeing life breathed into a particular character form I've wanted to see drawn. Thank you thank you thank you!

Autumn 2018

  • I've been ordering commissions from you for a few years now and I have to say there has /not been a single piece/ where I've gone, "Goodness, I'm not sure I like how this turned out". And if there had been, I know you would be willing to make little changes to make it right. Every piece, from old works (which I still treasure deeply), to newer things with your fuller artistic knowledge have been a /pleasure/ to receive. 10/10 would recommend commissioning Muffin!! One of the most communicative, friendliest, and skilled artists I've had the pleasure of working with.

  • Muffin is the literal sweetest person ever to the point that I, a person with severe debilitating anxiety, felt comfortable through the whole process. Communication was great and the final product was better than I could have imagined. A++ 11/10 would commission again.

Summer 2018

  • Always working with Muffin is a lovely experience, as someone who buys are frequently - she makes me feel spoiled with how valued I feel as a commissioner. If I have a question she answer politely and quickly. Working with Muffin is a experience that keeps me coming back!

  • Muffin is a pleasure to work with - if anyone wants good art, I'd definitely recommend her!

  • When I look into buying art, there are many factors I consider. Price, being the first. Quality, time, my interaction with the artist. It's certainly difficult for an artist to do well in all of those areas. There are many factors that contribute to it - If this were the artist Olympics, Muffin would get a 10 from all judges. Her prices are high - but she is extremely fairly priced for what you get. Muffin as a artist takes the time to help you best understand how to order art, this not only benefits her but other artists as well. She communicates with you, and asks questions to ensure the best product is achieved. Muffin is not just doing art for others, she is helping to bring their creations to life.

Spring 2018

  • over 10 years of commission work from you and i still can't get enough. even if there's a long wait, i'll gladly bide my time waiting. even if i have to set an alarm so i don't miss the window to order, i'll gladly set several. thank you so, so much for helping me breathe life into these characters of mine. ♥

  • Muffin is always a joy to work with! Her artwork is fabulous and she does a great job capturing the essence of the subject she is drawing. A+ would commission again!

  • Dude, I was waiting for your color commission queue to open up for a while and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT THANK YOU

  • Muffin, This is a bit after the fact (I commissioned a little while ago) but I wanted to be sure to stop by and leave some feedback. Working with you was a genuine pleasure. I've commissioned other artists for pieces, but none that I've worked with have been as helpful, clear, responsive, or as positive to work with. From reserving a commission spot through your helpful form/page, to hearing back from you via confirmation e-mail, to being given informative links instructing me how to complete payment, etc., each and every every step was handled professionally and with a great attitude. I felt excited about the work I had commissioned throughout the whole process, and even often think back on the way you handle your business when dealing with other artists. Thank you so much for the great interactions and beautiful artwork. You're not only talented, but also have a great demeanor with your clients. Thank you again!

  • Literally never change, you are a fucking star. Also fuck being anonymous, you did the lovely picture of my two Au Ra sisters and i'd high five you if i could. BLESS YOU, MY FRIEND.

  • I know that the wait for this one was a special case so don't take that feedback the wrong way 'cuz I totally understand! I am so happy with the art and you were lovely to work with. I hope to commission you again someday!!

  • Muffin was so sweet and kind. Even when the commission was taking a little bit she kept me updated and I super appreciated it! Best commission experience to date!


Winter 2017

  • I have gotten a few pieces from Muffin. Each time has been just an absolute joy! They listen and work well with you as they are extremely kind and understanding. I always look forward to coming back for more art :)

  • I truly, truly appreciate your patience with my financial situation. A lot of artists probably wouldn't have been as sympathetic and it just meant a lot to me that you were willing to trust me enough to give you your payment when I had it. I know for sure I will continue to commission you because of that <3

  • This is my third commission from you and you never cease to amaze me with your art ❤️ It's everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Thank you so, so much. Keep up the AMAZING work! ☺️

  • I'd seen your art commissioned by other FFXIV players and decided to give a follow for all the beautiful artwork, and also to hopefully see when you'd next open commissions! I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE FINISHED PRODUCT I LOVE IT THANK YOU! <3333333

  • You are wonderful, thank you so much for making my first commission experience lovely. I would totally commission from you again!

Autumn 2017

  • Your art is lovely and I hope I can get more in the future haha! <3

Summer 2017

  • The quality of the work I received was astounding and I hope that this doesn't come off negatively in any way but I kind of feel that for the quality of work I received I underpaid. Thank you so much for allowing me to commission you, I hope to be able to do so again some time.

  • Thank you for the wonderful commission!! I would have liked it sooner, but I understand there were health issues! So no big!

  • It was a great experience, one that I'm looking forward to doing again. You were prompt, friendly, accommodating, and finished the artwork ahead of schedule.

Spring 2017

  • you are quite honestly the greatest

  • Will definitely be commissioning you again in the future! Thank you!

Terms and Conditions

last updated: April 2023

By purchasing commission services (artwork) from Muffin (artist), you the client (including any business partners) automatically agree to the following Terms of Service.If you are not comfortable with my ToS and/or are not willing to agree to the conditions, you may not request an artwork commission.

You May Not:

  • Modify the artwork without explicit permission from the artist. This includes editing the artwork directly and/or removal of the artist's signature;

  • Trace the artwork or use it as a "base" for other artwork;

  • Claim that the artist is anyone other than Muffin;

  • Display the WIP (work-in-progress) images publicly without the artist's permission;

  • Sell your commission slot or resulting artwork to another party for profit;

  • Issue a PayPal chargeback for any reason;

  • Use the artwork for any commercial purpose or use it in a project that generates profit, unless you are also buying a commercial license to your artwork;

  • Use the artwork with any existing or future blockchain technology (including NFTs & cryptocurrency), or to train an AI.

You May:

  • Request that no WIP images be displayed publicly, and/or that the final artwork be kept private until a certain date;

  • Order a fully private commission, which the artist will never publicly display. Though this service will incur an additional fee proportional to the size of the artwork;

  • Display the completed artwork to external sites, given that it is not a space that is intended to display your own work only. Credit given to the artist is required;

  • Resize or crop the artwork down to a desired focus, but please credit the artist;

  • Print the artwork for decor, apparel or items, as long as they are for personal use only and not for projects that generate profit (Feel free to send photos of them to the artist, they would love to see!);

  • Request a reasonable number of edits whenever you receive a WIP image at the planning, sketch, lineart, or colour stage. After completion only minor changes are permitted. Any major edits may either not be possible or will incur a fee.

Commercial Usage

If you are interesting in ordering a commission for commercial use, the total price of the commission, as well as the rate of any royalties, will be agreed upon upfront. All parties will need to sign a contract before work begins.Examples of commercial use: Reproducing and selling the artwork publicly or privately, cases where you receive profit from a medium/platform where you have posted the artwork, (eg. Patreon, videos or livestreaming on YouTube, Twitch, a personal site, business cards etc).Flat rates are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Promotion on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter etc: +50%

  • Tier 2: Patreon content, business cards, personal site: +100%

  • Tier 3: Reproducing, selling, merchandise: +200%


Please note that all sales are "digital artwork" and it is the artwork’s "intellectual property" that is purchased by you, the client. Nothing is ever intended to be physically shipped to you unless explicitly discussed.Although the customer may hold the rights to any characters or designs represented, the artist owns the original rights to any artwork created. Therefore, unless the commission is private, the artist has the right to use your artwork for any purpose — commercial, advertising, or otherwise. They may also offer a digital download of your artwork file privately on Patreon.You will always remain the patron of the character design and/or artwork and will be credited as such.In the case of fanart, any copyrighted characters from other franchises contained in the artwork remain the property of their creators.

Timescale & Completion

If your order is time-sensitive please specify the deadline when you send your initial order request. If it is particularly soon, the artist may be able to offer a rush service at an additional cost suitable to the size of the piece, starting at +25%Due to outside circumstances, your artwork may be several months late at the worst case scenario. Please know that artist tries their best to deliver it on time and is always happy to keep you in the loop about progress. Please feel free to contact the artist if the completion estimate (the ETA) has passed to ask for an update on your order and they will get back to you within a few days.If your order becomes one year overdue from the ETA date the artist specified and you have still not received the completed artwork, you are entitled to a full refund minus any transaction fees.In the case of lack of contact during the ordering process, the artist will send out periodic email reminders and wait a maximum of two months. If they still haven't heard from you, the artist will have to remove your slot from the waiting list and may blacklist you.

Payment & Refunds

Do not send the artist any kind of payment until they have both 1) confirmed your commission, and 2) have sent you the invoice. Payment for services is accepted when receipt is confirmed by the artist. If you cancel any services after this time, your payments are not refundable.The artist only accepts payment in GBP. Cryptocurrency is absolutely not accepted. The invoice and entire commission will be cancelled if any converted crypto is sent as payment.If payment remains incomplete without reasonable justification why, the artist has the right to cancel the order after a month. You will lose your slot, be blacklisted from doing further business, and may also be reported to PayPal.For new clients, 100% of the total cost must be paid up front. For returning customers, payment plans are allowed. In the case of an arranged payment plan, consistent communication is expected. Please know that the artist will not be able to begin work on your commission until full payment has been completed.You must contact the artist ASAP if you need to cancel a commission request. 100% of the payment can be refunded only if the artist has not already sent you the initial planning stage of your commission. Full refunds are not permitted once the working process has begun.You are NOT authorized to issue a chargeback for any reason. If your PayPal account malfunctions or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you must contact the artist as soon as possible in order to resolve any issues. Purposefully issuing a chargeback without contacting the artist to resolve any issues will result in immediate blacklisting.If at the end of the commission process you are unhappy with the finished result, the artist will be happy to make changes for you (any major edits will incur a fee) but they will not be able to refund any of your payment for the service as it is completed.The artist has the right to decline or cancel your commission for any reason, in which case they will refund 100% of the money you have already paid for the service.

Ordering Guide

Are you completely new to commissioning artwork?
Are you just about to place an order with me?
Maybe just wondering what my process is?
Here's my guide!
These are only my personal preferences, other artists will have different workflows and require different information!

Sketch commissions usually take two phases to complete, while a typical full colour commission takes about four stages. Some projects need more back-and-forth than others, particularly if designing is involved.Here are some examples of my colour commission process:

1. Planning

By far the messiest stage, but this is completely normal, you just have to trust in the process!I will roughly sketch up some poses or layout thumbnails for you so we have a basic starting point. At this stage, if you can't choose what to move forward with, it's okay to pick a couple for me to take into the next stage.It is important to specify at the start if you need the artwork to be a certain size as it will be more difficult later. I will default to 300dpi with at least 1000px on its longest side.

2. Sketch

This is where I tidy up the initial idea to give you more of a tangible preview of how it's going to look when completed. Sometimes this stage poses a few more options to be decided on before lineart begins.

3. Lineart

The lines are the most time-consuming part of the process for me, so please don't panic if it takes me a few weeks to complete yours.This is the last opportunity to request substantial changes to the artwork before the final stage.

4. Colour

The most exciting part, where it all comes together! This is the final stage of colour artwork so please don't hesitate to let me know if you think anything needs adjusting. It's my goal that you be as happy as possible with your commission. Only small edits to the construction are allowed at this point, though changes to the colour palette are free reign. Large edits at this point may incur a fee.I will send you the high resolution 300dpi files via Google Drive links, in jpg or png format, and at least 1000px on its longest side. I can often provide various smaller sizes or focussed crops on request, just ask.

Order Information

For reference, here are some of the questions my order form will ask you, in case you would like to prepare your information ahead of time!Commission type and size:
Number of characters:
Names of characters:
Character details:
How would you like them drawn?:
How would you like to be credited?:

How to fill in the form

1a. Commission type
Please tell me the style of artwork you're looking to order. If all types are on offer, this means one of the below:

  • sketch

  • sketch page

  • soft colour

  • flat colour

  • reference sheet

1b. Commission size
I also need to know how much of your characters you would like me to draw. Prices are listed for sizes:

  • bust shot (head to bust)

  • half body (head to hips)

  • full body (head to toe)

It's possible that the artwork you want to order may be a combination of a few different sizes (ex. one full length character, another half), so please mention that here. If you're not sure what would work best, we can discuss it afterwards, just give me an idea of how big you're willing to go!2. Number of characters
This is the number of subjects you want drawn in a single piece. Humanoid or large monsters count as 1, though I will discount pets or smaller characters.
3. Names of characters
Self explanatory! I will always try to refer to your characters properly when writing up the artwork description afterwards.
4. Character details
This is the section where most of your information should go, but that doesn't mean it needs to be paragraphs of history and world lore. Please try to keep it short and simple.
A short summary of the most important parts about the visual references, and a few words to describe your character's personality is usually enough. Try slimming it down to a list of points for clarity!

  • characters' personalities and their relationship with each other in a few words

  • height, visible age, ethnicity, and body type if not immediately obvious

  • important design elements that you would like me to emphasise

  • details I can't tell from the visual references alone, or that are different

5. How would you like them drawn?
Please give me a short description of what you had in mind. Ask yourself what you would really like to see from this piece!
This could mean the artwork's overall theme, the kind of emotion it should have, directions of character poses or a specific scene you want to see portrayed, etc.
If you can't quite decide, it's okay to list off some ideas for me to choose from too!6. How would you like to be credited?
Do you want to be credited on social media when I post the artwork? If so, please tell me the handle for your twitter, tumblr etc. Otherwise, a name will do!

reference images explained

Visual references are extremely important. Even if you don't have any art drawn of your character already, I'm happy to design them from descriptions for a fee appropriate to the size of the piece.Images of the clothing you'd like them to wear, IRL face claims, even photos of how you would like them posed will really help me to capture them for you if you have a very specific image in mind! Google Images is your friend :DWhen preparing your images, please make use of the crop and brightness adjustment tools on your photo viewer if you can.

Things that are very helpful for me:

  • Clarification on images that are to be strictly followed and any that just serve as inspiration

  • Different angles of your character's face and outfit if possible

  • Full body shots of all clothing or separate references of each item, including footwear if your commission is a full body!

  • Try to make sure that any in-game screenshots are cropped down to focus on the subject, well lit in daylight and taken from different angles, even listing the item names for me if accuracy is important

  • Doodles of poses or composition if you have your heart set on something very specific

  • Image filenames that are either numbered by importance or with descriptive titles

If you don't have any visual references already, please do not resort to generating AI images for this purpose. I do not endorse this practice in any way.Instead, please consider taking screenshots from any game that lets you make a character in the creation screen, such as FFXIV, Dragon Age, The Sims, and most MMOs in general. Alternatively, cartoon avatar or even those old doll maker sites from the 00s are also extremely valid options that can be used to throw together the bare bones of a character's appearance. It just gives me something solid to work from, and can help you dodge the full design fee!If you're looking to commission a very specific pose or composition, believe me when I say that even a small doodle or two of what you have in mind can help me SO MUCH when I translate your request into artwork.

Finally, an example of naming or numbering your images according to what and how important they are. It saves me having to do it myself when I download them :D

PayPal Payment Guide

How to Pay with an Invoice

I will create a personalised invoice for payment as soon as I have looked over your request details and formally accepted your commission.It's quickest to check out with a PayPal account, but if you don't have one you can also complete payment with a credit or debit card.Although I will bill you in GBP, PayPal converts all other currencies automatically!

1. check your email for the invoice link

Within your commission acceptance email there will be a link to your PayPal invoice.It will always begin with www.paypal.com - meaning that it is safe to click on.

2. you will be taken the PayPal website to view the invoice

Please take a moment to check all the details, and read the T&Cs linked at the bottom of the invoice if you have not done so already.

3. click "pay" to proceed

Tips are not necessary but definitely appreciated ♥

a) if you have a paypal account, the payment screen looks like this:

b) if you DON'T have a paypal account, you can fill in your bank card info instead:

4. I will contact you to confirm receipt

If you don't hear from me within a few days, please do get in touch.

5. the excruciatingly exciting wait for art begins ♥


muffin ★

illustrator ★ nerd ★ chocolate confection

Hi! I do have an actual name, but people tend to call me muffin. I’m a character illustrator living in Yorkshire, England. In my 30s, they/he/she whatever is fine 👍For well over a decade I’ve been working freelance, creating character artwork for hundreds of clients. I’ve also been doodling stupid little comics all my life, maybe I’ll get to make one of those someday?Nowadays I work primarily for my very lovely patrons over on Patreon, which often means drawing lots of pretty FFXIV and TTRPG characters!!


  • Character illustration

  • Character concept art and design

  • Cover illustration for publications

  • Comic pages

  • Roughs, thumbnailing, page layouts


  • Present: Hundreds of freelance customers worldwide!!

  • 2022: Heart of Elynthi player character design for JoCat

  • 2020: KittehLoaf album artwork

  • 2020: KeKo album artwork

  • 2011—2016 KICO lead artworker

  • 2000—2010: FuyuCon & FushiCon UK Anime Network, Nameans ENG-JP translation, Asian Cultural Association charity

Artist f.a.q.

Can I get a commission?I’m not taking any new commissions because I’m currently working my way through a waiting list of orders but thanks for your interest!New slots will only be available for freelance commercial work, so feel free to get in touch if you’re looking to get some contract work done.Otherwise, the best way to get art from me is actually Patreon since I run Art Events once a year and take warm-up doodle requests from patrons sometimes~What drawing tablet/software/brushes do you use?Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro
Clip Studio Paint
grease pencil (before the set became adobe exclusive) and my flat oil brush
How long have you been drawing?Since I was a kid—but you can start from any age, it's all practice, I promise!I have a few drawing tips on my tumblr and even more full length tutorials and drawing timelapses over on Patreon to help you with your own art journey!

For all enquiries, please email me at [email protected]

just a graphics hosting page for patreon!!!how did you even get here, this is a non-listed page :o